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* Flight Instruction: Introductory Flight thru advanced ratings! *
* Rusty Pilots: Here is how to get back into the cockpit and FLY! *
* Ferry Services: Deliver your airplane where it needs to go! *
* Drone Training: RPV, UAS and pilot certification for them! *

Now is the time to pursue your flight training, currency and proficiency: Call any time to discuss YOUR flying progress options! Email is fine, also.

o Rusty Pilots: Been Out of the Cockpit For Awhile? Here Is How to Get Back In!

o Initial flight training in: Airplanes and Gliders.
o Sport Pilot (SP-ASEL, SP-GLIDER).
o Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) instruction.
o Private Pilot (PP-ASEL, PP-GLIDER AeroTow/Winch/Self-Launch).
o Commercial Pilot (CP-ASEL, CP-GLIDER).
o Instrument Rating - Airplane (IA).
o Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI).
o Certificated Flight Instructor - Instruments (CFII).
o Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).
o Mountain and Canyon Flying! Learn the "Canyon Turn" (safely turn back)!
o Precision Approach and Landing! Land where you choose each time!
o Confined Area Maneuvering! Yes, in the mountains, down in the canyons!
o Recurrency... just fly around the patch until you are comfortable.
o Flight Review (BFR: FAR 61.56), with new FAA Wings Program.
o Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC: FAR 61.57 (d)) Practice, Currency, Proficiency, logbook signoff!
o Redbird Simulator time and instruction available with Jer/: Aero-Sphere Flight and Simulator Training.!

Drone Training:
for Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) training,
for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) training and
for FAA certification toward private and commercial operations, EG: Real Estate, Weddings and Adventure blogging.

o FAA requirements... I can help you understand this and make progress! Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Frequently Asked Questions/Help!
o Sample UAS video by Cathcart Photography: Inspire 1 Drone Video: COLORADO.

Introductory Flights & Local Scenic Flights:

o $150(and up) introductory flights for one person (2 place airplane)! About 30 minutes of flying.
o $200(and up) instructed flight lesson (2 place airplane)! About 1 hour of flying, 1 hour ground school, with pilot logbook, learn the "4 Fundamentals of Flight" and the preflight checklist. (Prices subject to change without notice.)
o Be a Pilot for a flight: You get to fly the aircraft and talk on the radio with the instructor helping you along, just as if you were already a pilot. FUN!!!
o $75, complete your FAA/TSA Student Pilot Certificate application: bring your US Passport, or Original Birth Certificate and Government issued Picture ID and a recent picture.
o Find out how to become a pilot! Ask me!!!
o Flight training and adventure await you! Call or send email now!
o Local scenic flights by the hour, cost depends on duration, number of people, weight and balance for choice of airplanes. (Prices subject to change without notice.)

How much does it cost to get a Pilot Certificate? Click here for the Aero-Sphere discussion blog.


o Contact Jer/: 970 231-6325 CELL/VoiceMail, EMAIL: jer 'at'

o Rates & Policies, Scheduling Information

o Flight Training & Mountain Flying Agreement and Liability Waiver , contact hour rates, with special discount for multiple days.

o Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc: Get your Pilot and Renter's insurance here: "Affiliation: Mountain Flying Aviation, LTD"

Instructor Award:
Flying Lessons Near Me

Find Flying Lessons near me

o Find flight schools near you: Flight Schools HQ 12/19/23


General Aviation: It's working for all Americans!

ADVENTURES (my private, personal adventures):

Interested in going along? Send me email to discuss plans... jer 'at'
Fly out to lunch: Scottsbluff Nebraska KBFF, Denver/Centennial KAPA, Denver/Metro KBJC, Pueblo KPUB, Kremmling 20V, Granby KGNB, Leadville KLXV, Steamboat Springs KSBS.
Fly out to visit/swim hot springs: Colorado: Steamboat Springs KSBS, Glenwood Springs KGWS, Buena Vista KAEJ, Pagosa Springs KPSO, Sand Dunes Recreation Hot Springs Pool at Hooper (near Alamosa); South Dakota: Hot Springs KHSR; Wyoming: Saratoga KSAA, Thermopolis KTHP.
Fly out to Sidney KSNY, Nebraska: Cabelas, for outdoor gear, Venison Brats!
Fly out to Minden 0V3, Nebraska, Harold Warp's: "Pioneer Village".
Fly via Kitty Hawk to the Sun-N-Fun airshow in Lakeland KLAL, Florida: EAA: Sun-N-Fun.
Fly to Oshkosh/AirVenture, Oshkosh KOSH, Wisconsin for the "world's largest airshow" (late July/early August): EAA: AirVenture.
Houseboat on Lake Powell, Bullfrog Basin U07, Utah: On "Wind Wind II": photos choose "date Lake Powell", trip reports "date Lake Powell", Alan Silverstein, or Herberg.


Please consider joining these organizations and participating in their activities.

Civil Air Patrol: Colorado Wing, Thompson Valley Composite Squadron (TVCS) - RMR-CO-147.
Colorado Pilots Association: CPA and Membership Information.
Colorado Pilots Association Mountain Flying Course: Choose "Mountain Flying", then choose "Training Seminar" for Dates and Information.


Looking For A New Challenge? by Bob Leuten, describes mountain flight training in the Colorado Rockys via Leadville and Aspen, with yours truly! With Pictures! 12/09/12.

SSA: Let's Go Gliding with the SSA! Soaring adventure video. Learn how to [really] fly! 05/29/12.

The Mountain Flying Bible: by Sparky Imeson, the definitive book on how he did mountain flying and he taught us how to safely do it!

Idaho Mountain/Canyon Flying: McCall, ID: Mountain Canyon Flying, LLC. Highly recommended, excellent instruction and knowledge. 12/09/12.

Flying B Camera, on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho: Choose "LIVE WEB CAM", 08/28/07.

Flying the Idaho Backcountry video (33min): Sulphur Creek Ranch, Johnson Creek, Flying B.

Download: The 12 Golden Rules of Aviation. These rules were developed from insurance company files on aircraft accidents. They are only guidelines. Good judgment and proficiency are our best insurances for a safe flight. These "rules" are from an out-of-print FAA pamphlet FAA-P-8740-7.

Quarter-Circle Circle Ranch ~50 SE of Gunnison, Colorado: pictures and adventure description about opening up this Colorado Back Country high mountain airstrip.

AVweb, World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource: AVweb.

I might be flying gliders or towing at Colorado Soaring Association: see schedule.


Friends of FNL Pilot's Association, Fort Collins - Loveland Airport: Friends of FNL.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT/COTRIP): Cameras, Click 'Cameras" and zoom into the area in which you are interested.


FAA Safety Program: login for FAA WINGS program and ASC reports. 05/05/15.

FAA NOTAMS, TFRs='Temporary Flight Restrictions', and Aircraft Safety Alerts: Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) and Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)

FAA AFD: Airport Facilities Directory: Airport Diagrams: choose "digital - Airport/Facility Directory" in the MIDDLE of the page. 10/19/14.

FAA TFR: Check the current Temporary Flight Restrictions. Or click around: 01/01/14.

FAA (AC): Advisory Circulars, a searchable repository of all aviation safety Advisory Circulars (ACs). 03/28/07.

FAA: ADDRESS CHANGE: Change your address on your FAA records within 30 days of moving: online URL, change it online. 01/17/12.

FAA: SSN: remove from your pilot certificate. Change your airman certificate number. At the bottom of the page, click "You can also remove your SSN online.", 04/11/12.

FAA: FAR Part 43: The FAA allows a pilot to do some maintenance on aircraft AOPA hosts a detailed description of the 32 items.

AOPA: Pilot Information Center: Government Publications, FAR / AIM, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.

NASA: ASRS: Summary of the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) CALLBACK monthly safety newsletter.


Skyvector: Online Aeronautical Charts:, Sectional Chart (and other) view, 08/09/06

Weight and Balance: Weight DOES affect your aircraft performance (climb rate), (and engine-out glide speed, but NOT engine-out glide distance): Weight Effects, by David F. Rogers.

Russia Honor Tribute/Memorial to USA 911 victims. Why does our media fail to report this?!? 05/27/09

How to find a flight school: FAA Flight Schools

GPS: Garmin Training Syllabus.

Garmin GPS: GNS-430 and GNS-530 simulator download for your PC: 400 series or 500 series.

Weather: Wind Map USA Animated National Wind Map, 04/11/12

Weather: Jeppesen: Graphic Weather, and Text Weather, 06/05/12

Check for flight schools: Faa Flight Schools, 06/20/11

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