Rates and Policies

In addition to primary and advanced instruction at several local
Northern Colorado airports:
  Greeley-Weld County Airport - KGXY,
  Fort Collins-Loveland Airport - KFNL,
  ... soon to be Northern Colorado Regional Airport (Loveland) - KFNL,
  Longmont Vance Brand Airport - KLMO,
  Easton Valley View - 11V, and
  several private grass/dirt/gravel strips with the owner's permission.

I teach thru my own company Mountain Flying Aviation, LTD (MFAL),
Aero Sphere (AS-Longmont) Colorado Pilots Association (CPA), Civil Air
Patrol (CAP) and Bonanza Pilot Training Programs (BPTP).  As a result, my
availability schedule is complex.  I will make every effort to accommodate
your flight training requests and your schedule needs.  I am retired from
Computers... so, FLYING and FLIGHT INSTRUCTION is what I do full time!
If I cannot meet your needs I will be happy to refer you to another
quality instructor.

Ground and Flight instruction rates are per contact hour and are
billed based on scheduled time blocks.  Appointments are scheduled
for a minimum of two contact hours, plus ground instruction time.
So, a normal session will be 2 contact hours for flight insruction,
plus ground instruction time, plus the cost of the aircraft.
I will honor a 10% discount for 10 hours of block time, purchased
in advance.  EG:  purchase 10 hours.  To keep costs down, I can
accept cash or a check, no credit cards.

My working schedule is kept in my personal schedule book.  Please contact
me directly to discuss my availability and schedule flights.  The best
ways to reach me are by email, or voicemail to my cell phone (note:
please ALWAYS leave a message).  I will call you back when I am next on
the ground.  Please see the "Contact Jer/" page for current information.

Please call me directly to schedule flights and locations.  Any flight
you write in on the schedule at a flight operation (Aero Sphere/CAP)
will schedule the aircraft, but is not on my working schedule until you
contact me personally and confirm that flight time.  My schedule changes so
often that it isn't possible for me to keep my aviation schedule online,
or out of my hands.  Reiterating again, you must contact me directly to
schedule a flight.  Sorry to sound so nit-picky about this, my goal is
to do everything I can so that you are delighted!  Contact me personally
for scheduling.

I maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel an appointment
less than 24 hours prior to our session, you should expect to pay for
the minimum scheduled time.  My calendar is generally full, which means
two things:  One, there are others that would like to use any time that
becomes open, and two, it can be as long as a whole day before I even
have a chance to call my waiting list and fill the open slot.  Thank you
for your understanding.

These procedures allow me to provide the highest quality training possible
as a self-employed professional flight instructor.  It is you, my customers,
who have given me success doing what I love to do, flight training and
flying adventures!  THANK YOU for your SUPPORT!
Mountain and high altitude training, backcountry and tail wheel a specialty!

Mountain Flying Aviation, LTD
Airplanes, Seaplanes, Taildraggers Glider and Light Sport.
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, North America, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, in the Universe, in Space.

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