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Google Groups, rec.aviation, 06/23/08

Flight Scheduling

N89297 Schedule, C140/U, Just Plane Flying (JPF), 09/30/11.
N9513G Schedule (new), C206/G, Colorado Mountain Aire, Aircraft Scheduling: CMA:Jer/:Eberhard:ac[], 11/18/09
N9513G Schedule (old), C206/G Colorado Mountain Aire, 01/03/02.
N182H Schedule C182/A, Avquad, 09/19/08.
N7390K Schedule, C172XP/G, 210hp, High Plains Flyers, 01/03/02.
N54914, N5462N Schedule, Pawnee PA-25-250/T, Glider, CSA: Colorado Soaring Association, tow pilot, instructor, gliders, staff:staff, 06/03/10

N652CP, N9559X Schedule, CAP: TVCS: http://wmu.nat.cap.gov/, T182T/G, C182/A, Schedule AC in WMU (local time), Aircraft Scheduling: TVCS:Jer/:Eberhard:ac[], 05/19/10
CAP: Web Mission Information Reporting System (WMIRS), T182T/G, C182/A, Schedule e-Flight Release in WMIRS (Zulu time), Pilots, My-Flights, Add/Edit?, 05/21/10
CAP: Missions, Flight release, 12/28/09

Flight Planning

FAA Sectional Raster Aeronautical Charts, can cut and paste portions, 06/21/11
EAA: Aeroplanner, EAA free flight planner, 11/26/07
FAA: DUATS, file a flight plan, 05/28/98
FAA: NACO Charts: NACOmatic: Free downloads of NACO Approach Plates &/ Airport/Facility Directories (AFD), 06/11/10
FAA Airport/Facility Directory, Digital TPP/Arpt Diagrams and A/FD, 05/28/08


SoarBFSS RASP BLIPMAP UniViewer, Thermal Updraft Velocity, 09/20/07
SoarBFSS rasp2.html, _, 08/08/07
www_tmp.htm, 02/14/04
IAA: Idaho Aviation Association, including newsletters, 12/05/06

Flight Training

Flight School student training TSA requirements, on AOPA, 12/24/04

Poudre Aviation

Garmin GPS: GNC 300, in N41987, Piper Arrow PA-28R-200, 02/08/05

AOPA: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

AOPA SmartBrief, Aviation headlines, 02/18/09

CAP: Civil Air Patrol - Thompson Valley Composite Squadron (TVCS)

CAP: TVCS: Thompson Valley Composite Squadron home page, 01/04/05
CAP: Log Safety Education Completions for squadron meetings, choose "CAP Safety Education" goes to "Safety Education Menu", choose "Log Safety Education", 02/20/11
CAP: TVCS: Alert Roster, 10/11/08
CAP: TVCS Squadron, home page, 09/19/08
CAP: TVCS: N652CP T182T Nav III Garmin G1000 Training Aids, 04/14/08
CAP: TVCS: Squadron newsletter , 11/02/07
CAP: TVCS: ROTC/CAP Cadet O ride paperwork, how to complete/send the forms, 10/22/04
CAP: TVCS Squadron Roster, membership roster and phone numbers, 07/18/11
CAP: TVCS T182T, training information for the T182T/G1000/NAV III, 07/02/07
CAP: COWG: C182 Weight and Balance, 12/31/06

CAP: Civil Air Patrol - Colorado Wing (COWG) - Glider Operations

CAP: COWG: Colorado Wing Glider Program, Scheduling, Contacts, Glider Documents, Wing Runner Course, ASK-21 POH, 60-1, 12/15/10
CAP: NHQ: Blanik L-23 cockpit familiarization course, 12/26/04

CAP: NHQ: Glider Check Pilot Standardization Course On-line, see CAPR 60-1, paragraph 3-2.e.4) and paragraph 3-5.d, 04/22/10
CAP: COWG: Blanik L-23 POH N392BA (CSA), 06/25/10
CAP: NHQ: Glider Operations, 10/05/04

INOP CAP: COWG: Glider Operations, with pictures, 11/08/05
INOP CAP: COWG: Glider Program, 09/10/04
INOP CAP: COWG: ASK-21 POH N221CP, Weight and Balance on p48.1, 10/14/09
CAP: COWG: ASK-21 POH N221CP, Weight and Balance on p48.1, 06/03/11
CAP: COWG: Glider Gallery, Photos of gliders and operations, 11/17/05

CAP: Civil Air Patrol - Colorado Wing (COWG)

CAP: COWG: Colorado Wing Home Page, 09/10/04
CAP: COWG: C182, 182T, T182T Weight and Balance spreadsheet, 10/29/12
CAP: CAP Aviation Operational Risk Management Worksheet, ORM form dated Rev 04 - 29 Mar 2011, 12/03/12
CAP: COWG: COWG Services/Operations- Documents related to Operations, Find here: Risk Assessment Form (Fillable) (ORM), and Weight and Balance Spreadsheet for COWG Aircraft, 12/03/12
CAP: Gridded Sectionals, Colorado is on DEN, CYS and ICT (Wichita), 11/09/06
CAP: COWG Services->Safety Page, "COWG OI 11-24 Mishap Reporting Procedure" 04/25/11
CAP: Gridded Sectionals, print on 8.5/11 paper, 06/08/07
CAP: COWG: Current COWG PAs, Personnel Authorizations, "COWG Pilots", COWG Orientation Ride Pilots" , 06/11/10
CAP: COWG: STANEVAL , CAP NHQ Operational Risk Management Form (Aircrew), CAPAIF - ORM Rev 00 -AUG 09, 06/03/11
CAP: COWG: STANEVAL , on this page Aircraft COWG Risk Assessment Form dtd 18Nov06, 02/10/10
CAP: COWG: GT Risk Assessment Form, on this page 11/12/08
CAP: COWG: Standardization/Evaluation Reference Page, Check here General Information/Check Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Mission Check Pilot Roster (Personnel Authorization PA 08-20 and later, 07/22/08
CAP: COWG: Standardization/Evaluation Reference Page, Check here for COWG Stan/eval and national exams, Aircraft Questionnaires for: C182R T182T, 11/30/07
CAP: NHQ: Certificates, print any certificate of completion from the national web page, 01/03/05

CAP: Civil Air Patrol - Rocky Mountain Region (RMR)

CAP: RMR: Rocky Mountain Region Home Page, 05/25/12

CAP: Civil Air Patrol - National Headquarters

CAP: National Headquarters, gocivilairpatrol replaced cap.gov, 02/06/09
CAP: Standardization/Evaluation/Flight Ops, CAPR 60-1 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION, Pilot Statement of Understanding, 05/27/14
CAP: NHQ: Safety, choose Presentations, 10/13/08
CAP: Standardization/Evaluation/Flight Ops, CAPR 60-1 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION, Pilot Statement of Understanding, 10/14/09
CAP Regulation 60-1, CAP REGULATION 60-1 16 APRIL 2012, Flight Operations, CAP Flight management, 04/17/12
CAP: Publications, Regulations, Forms, Pamphlets, in PDF or Word format, CAPR_60-1, CAPP_52-7, CAPF-5, CAPF-99 has Mission Symbols (A15), 05/18/10
CAP: NHQ: CAP National Safety Webpage, Safety Log reporting is now in eServices, 12/10/10
DHS choose ICS 700 800, for CAP, 11/27/08
CAP: NHQ: Civil Air Patrol Aircraft Operations, CAPR_60-1, Exams and Quizzes: CAPF-5 Annual, CAPF-5G Annual, 05/06/13
CAP: NHQ: Operations Directorate - Online Quiz System, tests , Exams: Cadet Orientation Quiz, Wing Runner, Tow Pilot, NCPSC Glider, 05/06/13
CAP: NHQ: Operations Directorate - Online Aeronautical Education, CAPR 60-1 CAPF 5 Annual Examination - Powered/Glider , 05/11/11
CAP: NHQ: Aircraft Ops & Stan/Eval, 60-1, How to Become a CAP Pilot, CAP Supplements, Exams, 12/08/17

CAP: eServices Sign In (WMIRS from eServices), Schedule sortie and request flight release.
Bottom left, click WMIRS, C missions choose bottom middle "Add Sortie" or
A or B missions: choose left side "Current Missions/Sorties", on line "3 / A6, A8, A9, A15, A20..." choose the "Air" number, under the Sortie column at the bottom click "Add", Mission Symbol choose A15 click continue, Now on "Add Sortie" page with "Current Funding Balance",
Find a Flight Release Officer: choose one, Tracking Number: "Jer/ E 1V6 O",
Sortie Date: Choose the date, Sortie Type: Choose Cadet Orientation,
Fill in: Pilot CAPID, Tail Number: N972AF, Aircraft Type: Glider, Type: Glider, Syllabus: Choose glider or powered number, Click "Add Sortie". Next page click "Add another sortie", 03/15/10

CAP: eServices (MIMS), CAPF-5 Pilot Information Checkride update: left column: "My Operations Qualifications/National Reports", click top heading "Pilot", left column: "FAA Requirements" to update medical, 10/29/07
CAP: eServices (MIMS), IS-200 300... course update: left column: "My Operations Qualifications/National Reports", click top heading "Emergency Services", middle of page "SQTR Entry", right side "Achievement - Select", ignore "Mission Number", update "Date of Completion", click "Select all", upon screen refresh in the lower blue bar check "Check to Save" and click the bottom "Submit", observe pop-up window: "Your tasks have been entered into the system", upper right corner click "Log Off". 12/02/08
CAP: E services (MIMS) - CAPF-5 Airplane Qualifications update , 05/10/07
CAP: NHQ: Glider Ops/Contacts, 08/15/04
CAP: Civil Air Patrol Soaring and glider operations, 03/01/06
CAP: Level 1, Cadet Protection (CPPT) and OPSEC, CAP Foundation courses, 10/14/09
CAP Tax deduction info, 501(3)(c) several articles, 01/30/08

CSA/OCGP: Colorado Soaring Association / Owl Canyon Gliderport, Wellington, Colorado

CSA: Colorado Soaring Association, operating at Owl Canyon Gliderport, 06/02/09
CSA: OCGP Current Weather, weather-cam is near the bottom of the page, 06/02/09

Mountain and Backcountry Web Cameras

Idaho, Idaho Airstrips and Backcountry WebCams,, click the link in the page, 05/10/12
Idaho, Johnson Creek Airport (3U2) WebCam, Yellowpine, ID, 05/10/12
Idaho, Flying B Ranches WebCams, Flying B Ranch (12ID) and Root Ranch (NoID 027), ID, 05/10/12
INOP: New Terminal Building at Steamboat Springs -SBS, 05/10/12

Hangar Cam

WebCam: Beechview, FNL hangar cam, 07/07/11

SSF: Soaring Safety Foundation

SSF Soaring Safety Foundation, 08/23/06
SSF: Accident Prevention Articles, See "Ten Steps to a Safer Soaring", 08/23/06
SSF/CAP: TOW PILOT Training Course/Exam, online, 08/23/06
SSF: SSF Wing Runner Course, 08/23/06

Tow Hook Info, L'Hotellier connections

Tow hook, 05/15/04
Tow Study, 05/15/04
Tow Form 337, 05/15/04
Installation of Wedekind-Sicherung Sleeves as a Safety Device for L'Hotellier Fittings, L'Hotellier glider control connections, 06/07/11


FAA: FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Wings; Pending Validations, FAA Wings program, 02/28/11.

FAA: General Aviation Passenger Safety Briefing, printable for C206, C140, 08/11/12
FAA: Airplane Flying Handbook, chapter selection, in pdf, 08/16/12
FAA: Advisory Circular: AC 61-94, Pilot Transition Course for Self Launching or Powered Sailplanes (Motorgliders), 05/13/10
FAA: FAA Safety TEAM (FAAST), Accredited Activity Validation, 05/27/09
Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) Guidance, print pages 21,22,23,26, 06/25/10
National Weather Service: Aviation Weather Center, Radar Coded Message Composite Image with Tops, 06/12/07

NWS Forecast Office Oakland - Weather, choose 'CWSU National Map' on left for full USA METAR, 02/22/10
NWS wmap2 Forecast Office Oakland - Weather zdv, METAR, 03/05/10
NWS wmap2 Forecast Office Oakland - Weather USA, METAR, 03/05/10
NWS wmap3 Forecast Office Oakland - Weather USA, METAR, 03/05/10

FAA: METAR, magic decoder sheet, 02/16/05
FAA: Sport Pilot Examiner, application to submit to OKC, 01/12/05
FAA: Safety Program, report ASC, 09/25/04
FAA: Airman Services, Registry for FAA services, 01/14/05
FAA: Sport Pilot Examiner Handbook, should be available in 2 weeks, first SP-DPE course Jan 2005, 10/22/04
FAA/NASA: ASRS, Aviation Safety Reporting System, 10/27/08
FAA/NASA: ASRS Reporting form 227B, formerly 830, 10/21/04
FAA: Sport Pilot Examiner application, 10/22/04


C180 project, pictures of prospective partnership airplane, 07/22/08


Gas prices: Fort Collins, 05/28/08
Gas prices: Colorado, 05/27/08


SPOT: find Bob Lynn, 08/28/08
SPOT: find Randy Bailey N33HP, 06/07/12
SPOT: find Sue Wolber N1541W, 06/07/12


Lake Powell 2008/09/14-21, Houseboat pictures, ajs 10/16/08


Free Engineering Books! And more types, too! 12/08/10
UTUBE: P38 Lightening video. The P-38 Lightening. This shows the walk around and checkout prior to engine start, engine start procedures, taxi to take-off, take off, cruise flight and maneuvers, and landing and shut down. 01/10/12
Skyventure Colorado, indoor skydiving, Lone Tree, 07/17/08
andLinux.org, Official website of the andLinux community,06/02/09
KUNC 91.5 radio, live, 12/05/10
Interagency Aviation Training, AFFF, 10/08/04
Texas Airports Info, from Ed Lawrence, 03/21/05
TSA: Pilot Training Rules, 10/22/04
AvWeb: Columns, Pelican's Perch, 09/29/04
Cessna-Pilots.com, alternate to Cessna Pilots Association, 08/04/06
Flightinfo.com Instructor hints, checklists, landing hints, 09/20/07
Russel Aviation, Initial pilot training w/XC, 01/26/05
Priceline.com, Hotel, 3,4,5,R $30, 08/14/06
The Flying Weatherman, Chris Dunn collection of URLs, 04/25/08

These Favorites were compiled by the magazine staff for the IFR Nov 2008 article covering free web information for flight planning.



HP Retiree Home, Retiree Resources, 05/30/07


US Cable: Warpdrive check email, jer 'at' mywdo.com, 11/10/06

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), not the FAA, has the primary responsibility for all the frequencies used by pilots and within the aviation industry. Specifically, 47 CFR Part 87 Aviation Services http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_06/47cfr87_06.html covers areas such as applications and licenses, aircraft stations and unicom, search-and-rescue stations, and airport control tower stations. The most helpful section is Subpart E--Frequencies (87.169 through 87.173) because it describes the "class of station" and the radio frequency range used for each class.

PDF Plates.com, Aviation Approach Plates, 06/29/09

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