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Tow Plane Mirror Installation

The need for an adequate mirror on our tow planes has and continues to be a valid requirement. Since the market for such an installation is small, there is no commercially available STCed mirror installation that would fill the need of tow operations. Therefore, many units have resorted to installing mirrors and gaining field approval from their local FSDO through the FAA Form 337 process. The Alaska wing has designed and obtained approval for an installation to their tow planes. In an effort to assist other CAP tow operations the Alaska Wing has graciously shared their hard work.

Download the sample FAA Form 337 (Consists of 2 forms in DOC format.)
Form 1 - Form 2
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Download the pictures below in full size.
Drawing 1 - Drawing 2 - Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 - Picture 4 - Picture 5 - Picture 6.
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Several types of mirrors were tested and the following mirror has provided the most stable picture:
K-Source fit system wide angel 4.5"X6" CL062E Barcode number 7 59746 51904 7
Mirror Picture

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