I Am - The Detty Sisters, & Detty Family. 01/31/21.

As Time Goes By, from The Carol Burnett Video. 10/31/20.

God is Great, People are Crazy, I don't do country music, but this is a great story. My favorite scene was when they were dancing. 07/16/20.

God Only Knows What I Would Be Without You, Orchestra, BBC-Music. 07/04/20.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, LCMS Church service April 26, 2020: Possessed, skip forward 5 min for the beginnning. 04/26/20.

The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More, Mark Rober, TEDxPenn. 05/13/19.

Andre Rieu - Hallelujah , choir and orchestra. 04/03/19.

Stop Saying "I love you", unless you really, really mean it! A Valentines Day message of: A True Love Story that will teach you what REAL Love is, 100/100, 02/14/19.

Camping at the World's BUSIEST AIRPORT (PART 1 - Oshkosh 2017), Stops at Galesburg, IL and Janesville, WI. 01/29/19.

EXPERIENCING OSHKOSH AIRVENTURE 2017 (PART 2 - Oshkosh 2017), Day 1, plus night airshow and rain... 01/29/19.

DEPARTING THE BUSIEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD (Part 3 - Oshkosh 2017), VFR departure, headed back to Texas. 01/29/19.

Rick Hughes Ministries, 02/25/2018 Eternal Security, explains the Eternal Security of Salvation. 30 minute podcast. 12/31/18.

Rick Hughes Ministries, 05/13/2018 The Spiritual Failure. 12/31/18.

Rick Hughes Ministries, communicating the Word of God. Catalog of podcasts/radio broadcasts. KLZ AM560 Denver, CO Airtime: 7:00 AM Sunday, KGAB AM 650 Cheyenne, WY Airtime: 7:30 AM Sunday. 12/31/18.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, LCMS, Fort Collins, CO. Last Sunday's service: login to Facebook, search for "Traditional Worship". I observe some of the audio is not balanced, listen to great sermons, see slides and videos, 12/30/18.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, LCMS, Fort Collins, CO. Live stream video/audio 8AM every Sunday. 12/30/18.

AOPA ICY ADVENTURES, ultimate getaway for an eclectic group of friends. See Jer/ at 0:52, right, bottom of screen. Turn on the audio on the bottom left of the video, as it starts muted. 12/16/18.

Flight Report: Backcountry Airplane Camping at Johnson Creek, ~24 min, the best and easiest Idaho Backcountry Airstrip. 08/14/18.

Flying the Idaho Backcountry, ~33 min compilation. Skip the advertisement. What I do for fun, Fly Idaho, Utah and Colorado! 08/14/18.

Witchcraft, Frank Sinatra cover. 03/30/18.

EAA AirVenture 2011 - The World's Greatest Airshow , July 25-31, 2011. 12/31/17.

Angel of the Morning , Juice Newton. 09/26/17.

One Tin Soldier, The Legend of Billy Jack . 09/26/17.

Cessnas To Oshkosh (C2O), 87 Cessnas Ready on one taxiway! - AirVenture-Mass Arrival, Part 1, 07/23/16.

Cessnas To Oshkosh (C2O), 87 Cessnas Ready on one taxiway! - AirVenture-Mass Arrival, Part 2, 07/23/16.

Dr. Moriah Eberhard graduates from Rocky Vista University , Medical School. 05/16/17.

Sharing General Aviation with People... reminds us how fortunate we are.Info. 05/23/17.

Rita Hayworth Is Stayin Alive, Music: Bee Gees with Stayin Alive. 05/18/17.

In Descent Proposal, how sweet! 05/02/17.

Underwater Wiener Dogs, wow, in and under the water! 04/24/17.

Don't be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. -- Richard Bach

Happy Birthday, By Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Nicole Pesce On Piano. 12/27/16.

Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends, Here's Why.... 12/24/16.

The Law of Pleasure, Can pleasure last? 12/19/16.

What Makes You Beautiful, - 5 Piano Guys, 1 piano. 11/24/16.

Rock & Roll 50's Mix, 1 hour. 11/11/16.

2016 Oshkosh AirVenture: video of pictures, by Bill Standerfer. 08/06/16.

4 Year Old Experiences Pure Joy On Aerobatic Flight With Her Dad, I especially love how she's saying "Encore!" through her laughter.. 08/06/16.

Apple Juno Mission Collaboration, special music for the Juno space mission/Jupiter fly-by. 07/01/16.

66 (Old) Movie Dance Scenes Mash-up, WOW, these people could dance! 06/30/16.

SOS & Victoria: Fashionable Magic Act, Quick Change Artists, 06/26/16.

Extraordinaire Instrument De Musique, Wow! What a music machine. 05/15/16.

Colorado Soaring Association, Falconry Talk and BBQ, Alyssa brought her red-tailed hawk and spoke about falconry in Colorado.. 05/14/16.

Are you a Visual Thinker?, you might be the next genius inventor of our time. 04/16/16.

Andy Griffith - Darlings - There Is A Time, The Darlings are in town visiting and Charlene sings her signature song. 04/15/16.

"What a feeling", Priscilla & la troupe de Flashdance. 04/15/16.

Skiplane 2015, Cadillac, MI. 04/15/16.

Skiplane 2016, Cadillac, MI. 04/15/16.

Seaplane 2015, Cadillac, MI. 04/15/16.

Just Be Held, Spine-Tingling Song From Casting Crowns. 03/26/16.

Carol of the Bells - Thrilling Piano/Violin Christmas Cover - 92 Keys. 12/11/15.

In the Mood, by Glen Miller. Music and Video, 11/25/15.

Older Ladies Song. You cant prevent it so you might as well have some fun laughing in your old age. 11/22/15.

Reframing the Social Security Decision, by Alan Roth. Do this if you can!!! 10/22/15.

Lake Powell Aboard Wildwind II, Information about our houseboat share and ski boat on Lake Powell... Fun on the water, 3 weeks a year, 07/07/15.

Rites of summer: Single engine shoobies, what fun to have with an airplane... fly to the sea shore, avoid the road traffic. 07/06/15.

La Garita Creek Ranch - 5CO6, see the video: La Garita Creek Ranch Airstrip Colorado (Cessna 180 style). 05/16/15.

Sing! If this does not give you the chills, nothing will. Medley of songs. 08/23/15.

Backstage Girl Wild Horse HD . Friesian horse by Annathetekken. 09/05/15.

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