2018-05-09-Buena-Vista-Cottonwood-Hot-Springs: A group of Colorado Pilots Association pilots flys out to lunch on Wednesdays if the weather is good. On this particular day, we flew to Buena Vista (KAEJ), Colorado for lunch. Since I knew that Cottonwood Hot Springs was nearby, I packed a towel (see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and a swim suit and went to the pool. 06/09/18

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  Thumbnail img-1357.jpg Thumbnail img-1358.jpg Thumbnail img-1359.jpg Thumbnail img-1360.jpg Click here: link to the Cottonwood Hot Springs web site  
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  Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn and Spa entrance sign, 05/09/18 There are 5 pools, at increasing temperatures, 05/09/18 Shade is provided by the canopies and trees, 05/09/18 My airplane was the last one at the airport... all alone, so I flew home, 05/09/18 http://cottonwood-hot-springs.com/colorado/ 05/09/18

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