2015-05-14-Dave-Yonkin-KFNL: Professional Aircraft, Terry and Larry, et.al., hosted a farewell get together for our favorite Flight Instructor/Pilot: Dave Yonkin. Dave was the chief pilot for Colorado Game and Fish for many years. He taught many to fly, to fly taildraggers, and conducted FAA Flight Reviews. He has sold his Colorado home, and his beloved Cessna 185, and is moving to Ohio to entertain his children and grandchildren. Dave is in the blue shirt and pants to the left of the propeller of the Piper Super Cub. You may know some of the other people. To name a few, I see Ken Peterson, Larry Will, John Mitchell, Mark, Lyle, Joe... and many of the Fort Collins Downtown Airport (3V5) and Fort Collins Loveland Airport (KFNL) pilots/owners to the left of Dave, with Jer/ Eberhard and Bob Proulx to the right. Keep in touch, Dave! Best regards from your Colorado Home friends!

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  Dave's KFNL farewell: group picture, 1, 05/14/15. Dave's KFNL farewell: group picture, 2, 05/14/15.

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