Wild West Air Fest, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. N89287, Cessna 140 flew in and was on display. 09/04/2010

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  Long's Peak, looking SW. Estes Park is to the right. You can see the faint line of Trail Ridge Road in mid-frame. Trail Ridge Road in RMNP. Elk Meadows is in the foreground. Trail Ridge Road. The left loop is "Many Parks Curve". W of the continental divide, looking S. Note high mountain lake near timberline.

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  Middle Park, looking SW over Grand Lake from the continental divide. W of the continental divide, looking N. Note high mountain lake above timberline. Grand Lake to Shadow Mountain Reservoir. N89297, C140, 12,500 MSL after crossing the continental divide westbound. Phantom Valley to the right is the headwaters of the Colorado River.

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  Over Phantom Valley, looking S. Grand Ditch recovers water from the west slope and takes it to the Front Range via the Cache la Poudre River. Grand Ditch, looking NE to the top of Phantom Canyon. Note Trail Ridge Road, the cut on the right. Grand Ditch, looking E. Phantom Valley is at the bottom. Long Draw Reservoir drains to the Cache la Poudre River.

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  Grand Ditch feeds Long Draw Reservoir, looking N. Over Willow Creek Pass, looking into North Park. The Mt Zirkel Wilderness is at the far horizon. Over Willow Creek Pass, looking north to Montgomery Pass and Ute Pass. The Sand Dunes in North Park are at the west side of Ute Pass. Willow Creek Pass, looking S toward Grand Lake. Hazy day.

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  Over Willow Creek Pass, looking N into North Park. The road bottom right is CO-14, looking W. CO-14 meets US-40 at Muddy Pass. To the right is Rabbit Ears Pass. The rock outcropping is the Rabbit Ears. The Rabbit Ears, looking N.

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  Over Rabbit Ears Pass looking W into Yampa Valley, Colorado. Steamboat Springs Ski Area. Rendezvous Saddle close, Thunderhead far. Steamboat Springs Ski Area, Thunderhead Lodge left, Priest Creek is the valley. Looking NW from the ski area to the base area, then the city, then the airport. Steamboat Springs Ski Area base area. The smoke lines on the left are from WWII Warbird fly-bys at the airport.

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  Steamboat Springs Airport (SBS), position left downwind RWY 32. The airport is left of the left-most smoke. SBS RWY 32. Redbird, N89297, C140 on display at SBS. Note helicopter and Dakota outside the fence. SBS, looking S across the display ramp. The sign on the building says "Steamboat Springs Airport".

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  Dakota cranking up to give rides. Missing man formation takeoff. 1 Missing man formation takeoff. 2 Missing man formation takeoff. 3 Missing man formation before the break.

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  Redbird wing looking toward SE display area. Redbird, looking N across the display ramp. Note the TBM at the far end. "WWII's largest fighter aircraft". Dakota loaded, ready to taxi. Dakota takeoff. 1 Dakota takeoff. 2

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  SBS airport is in the sunlight. SBS airport, looking down RWY 14. Strawberry Park Hot Springs is at the end of the road. Strawberry Park. The Hot Springs are lower left. Hot Springs pools are cool to hot, left to right.

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  Strawberry Park Hot Springs are at the far west end of the road. Over Buffalo Pass, looking SE to Rabbit Ears. Rabbit Ears, looking SE. Rabbit Ears, looking S. Crossing the continental divide eastbound at Comanche Peak.

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  Looking down from Comanche Peak, over Pingree Park to the Front Range of Colorado. N89297, C140 at 13,000 MSL after crossing the continental divide north of RMNP. Treeline in Colorado is ~11,700 MSL. In mountain flying, one keeps to the side of the valley. The valley opens to the left.

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