AOPA, AVWEB and other tidbits.
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Jer/ Eberhard, CFII, FAA Aviation Safety Counselor

While much of the U.S. has enjoyed a fairly balmy winter so far, for many pilots, the prime flying season is still ahead. Now is a good time to fight the winter rustiness and brush up with some training. Flight simulators are one way to stay in practice, but the Internet also can provide a wealth of opportunities to keep fresh and keep learning new things. If it's been a while since you cracked open the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), you can find the latest changes and updates online, or review your air traffic and emergency procedures. The complete Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) also are online, a great source for resolving hangar-talk disputes about arcane trivia. And most pilots can benefit from a review of proper radio technology, found in the online Pilot-Controller Glossary.

AOPA: Article in AOPA Pilot: The Mountain Checkout. Read about the minimum you should know. Then, contact local instructors for instruction in the mountains.

AOPA: The AOPA has released 20 airspace flashcards to help you with airspace recognition .